PowerPoint Changes

Wednesday night was my last night in London.
Have I done all the things I wanted to do…?
Have I visited old friends, old shows, new exhibitions…?

Of course I haven’t! I’ve spent hours and hours and hours working on utterly pointless stuff.

After spending all Sunday working on a presentation that was cancelled, this comic summed it up completely.

It’s not been all bad.

I’ve not had to make my bed.
I’ve not had to cook my dinner.
I could get reliable public transport at 11.30pm after a few bevvies.
I have seen a friendly smile every day, whether it’s the hotel staff, the fellow tube travelers, or the team.
And of course, I’ve worked with some amazing people who I’ll really miss.

But I am glad to be going home.

Everything is at risk!

Yesterday we had an impossibly pedantic meeting at work where a “security expert” explained what testing needed to be completed to gain a given level of accreditation. Basically, what he said was that no matter what we did to ring-fence any aspect of the system, everything that could be accessed via the network needed to be tested to the same degree. And even then we might miss something so consequently it still couldn’t be accredited.

Then one of the team found this Dilbert that made us laugh, I thought it was worth sharing…


It seems that the “security expert” was correct?! :mrgreen: Not sure the non-IT people will get it, but sometimes it is possible to go just too far! Sure, if we were building a system that handled ultra-sensitive or mega-valuable data, but we are not – it’s just a pretty ordinary call centre solution.