It nearly gets Dark…

The highlight of this week was on Thursday when we got up early (5am) for a partial eclipse of the sun. It did dim the light a little and is probably the darkest it will get until mid February next year. The picture shows it much darker than it actually was, but that was through 4 sets of sunglass lenses!!

5.30am at the start of the eclipse

Midweek we went back to working our usual hours finishing at 6.15, although we still haven’t quite caught up with the schedule after the early team were stuck on Union Glacier for 2 weeks. Their adventures can be seen on You Tube (Google “Kirk Watson” and the film blog will be the top hit). It has some great footage of the Ilyushan plane taking off and landing.

The living accommodation has been extended and we now have a larger dining area and games room with table tennis, table football and a small gym. All week I’ve been involved with moving all the materials into a cargo line, itemising and measuring exactly where it is incase it gets buried. Then we dig it out. When the M&E (mechanical and electrical) guys need stuff we pick it off the line and ferry it to them.

The perimeter is nearly finished (marked and flagged) so its skiing tomorrow after work…

Layout at Halley VI
Picking cargo
And, here's the "Science Boys" measuring the Hole in the Ozone layer!