The Chicken and Egg Test

I have now increased the chicken flock in Aspatria to 6, and the youngsters are all now laying. As ever with animals, all the hens have their own individual characteristics, and they all lay different eggs. Being a bit sad, I can recognise who has dropped what in the coop; but can you??
A bit of a clue: the new girls’ eggs are a bit smaller than the others.

So, here are the eggs:

An egg from each of the girls

And here are the suspects……. match a name with a number. If you can get all 6 correct in a week, then you win the eggs!!

Hoppy.. ex-battery girl who is the old lady of the flock

Marra: a cuckoo maran who likes here food
Summer. A Welsumer (from Welsum in Holland), the Queen of the flock and boss-girl
Blackie. A Blencathra Black. Has slotted into her role taking over from the tragic original Blackie
Snowy is a Solway Star. She spends her days preening
Bluey is a Bewcastle Blue. Always rummaging in the compost heap.

So there’s the hens and the eggs. Try matching them up to win the makings of a huge omelette!!