The Fatboys Stanage Struggle

Last Sunday Anna extended her fell race events, by entering the Stanage struggle. Billed as the “Fatboys” Stanage struggle I had half toyed with the idea of running myself. When we arrived I was pleased I was there to drink tea and eat cake, as there was a lot of serious looking runners from all the local clubs. The only fatboy was manning the carpark gate, he was drinking beer and eating a pie when we arrived at 10 o’clock and was on his ???? beer and pie at 2 o’clock when we left. Good effort.

The route is a 10 km run from Hahersage , up along Stanage edge and back down, and as usual the front runners went off at break-neck speed.

Anna starts the race

There’s obviously a big climb involved but Anna managed a great time of 59 minutes, 21st lady overall and 3rd in her class. Fantastic. We retired to Hathersage for coffee and cake.

Anna digs deep at the finish