Holiday With Doggies – Part 2,
Dolomites and Venice

It’s not only Terry and Bernie who fancied the Dolomites this summer. Jenna, Gábor, Gulyás, Nudli and Dalma also went there but for them, it was the very first time in their lives!
We didn’t have many days of nice weather but I think we used it well. We had time for some nice walks and slacklining.

We also did some cragging near Passo Falzarego

Jenna in a nice route near the road towards Passo Falzerego

And some multi pitch climbing on Cinque Torri. While Mum (Dalma) was watching the doggies Jenna and Gabor went on a nice climb on Torre Inglese.
Here you see Gabor starting up

The view from top. Bad weather is coming in
Happy couple on the top
Waiting at the chairlift bar, Mum amused herself with taking pictures of the towers

When the weather turned bad and we didn’t want to spend another night at the Cortina campsite in the pouring rain we all moved down to Venice. Here we spent a lovely afternoon and evening just escaping the rain before we started our long journey back home.

St Mark’s Square with some low hanging clouds

Jenna and Gulyás in the sunset
Full Moon in Venice

All of us were sick and tired of the long drive in the car but the doggies who traveled like kings!

Gulyás has no problems with traveling

Nudli enjoying the trip