Pfalz rock – really climbing

Finally for the first time this year I managed to actually climb again in the Pfalz after Mina injured her knee and biking priorities – as I am still planning my black-forrest bike crossing ;). Anyway we did one of the most enjoyable climbs I have done so far in the Pfalz at the Klosterfels (monestary rock) close to the Bärenbrunner Hof. Great holds all the way through, some scary foot smir-offs and awsome views and feelings on the rock face. Finally the summer seems to have arrived as well and nothing can stop me climbing again next wednesday as long as Ingo and his bus will show up ;).

Don’t forget your hammock!

Cheers from Germany’s best trad climbing spot!

Manuel on secong up the edge

Ingo leading "Klosterwand" direkt Start


Hammock views

Bec on the top of Sternfels

Bärenbrunner Hof