A little sole

Further to my entry on Saturday, I’d glued on the soles again.

But today, I woke up with one of my cats (Hebe) sitting beside the boot I’d repaired. This was a tad unusual. I shook the boot, and nothing fell out. I put the boot back and had breakfast. Hebe was still hanging around, so I took the boot and looked inside.

This is what I saw.

My little friend
My little friend

Pete the Mouse Catcher

While Dave is catching cats and ensuring the small animal population remains threatened by non-indigenous feline hunters (the only household “pet” allowed to roam freely), we are trying our best to save the odd mouse. Hopefully to either live a happy life in the fields up Kentmere 🙂 , or to possibly become prey to a natural (and indigenous) predator like a barn owl 🙁 , and not to become the prey of a cat :angry: …

This little critter (a Wood Mouse or, when found in fields, a Long-tailed Field Mouse) had got into the house somehow and was happily munching on our store of bird food before we caught it and then released it some distance from the house.

Looks healthy doesn’t he? Must be all those peanuts!