Jenna Visits Romania

Before we went on our summer holiday Jenna visited me in Romania. She took a flight to Targu Mures in Transylvania and we went to explore a very nice mountain area with prominent rock formations and beautiful gorges. The most famous is the Turda Canyon but this time we had time only for one longer walk and we chose to climb the huge rock called Szekler Stone (Szekler is a Hungarian ethnic group living in Transylvania) just next to the house where we stayed.

Szekler Stone in the Transylvanian landscape

We only had to step out of our door to start the hike.
First we climbed a steep gully up to the peak of the „stone”. On our way up we spotted plenty of bolted routes, too bad we didn’t have our gear with us. Strangely enough, nobody was climbing!
Some nice routes go on this wall

Jenna viewing the beautiful landscape from the peak

After a short ridge walk we descended on equally steep terrain.
From above we spotted a castle on the other side of the valley so we set it as our next destination.

The castle we spotted from the top

We had to climb up a very steep hill again but the view was wonderful from there so we didn’t complain. Jenna even tried her rock climbing skills on the walls of the castle ruins!

Jenna on top of ther castle ruins

A few days later we checked out the mud volcanos near Buzau (Eastern part of Romania). These unique mud formations are shaped by the gases coming up from below the surface.

Gases break their way out forming the mud volcanoes

Dalma has climbed a volcano!

As the water here is salty there is no vegetation (only a few unique plants can survive here) which lends the „lunar” look to the landscape. It was really fun walking over it, a bit like walking over glacier terrain, finding the way among the „crevasses”.

On the Moon
One of the few plants in the area