Judit, my Hungarian colleague, who works now in Amsterdam is here in Bucharest on a project. During the week we work together and in the weekends we travel to explore the beauties of Romania.

Last weekend we drove a long way up North to see a beautiful lake and an impressive gorge. The lake is called Lacu Rosu (Red Lake) in Romanian but the Hungarian name is Gyilkos tó (Murderer Lake). It was formed in the early 19th century by a major landslide. According to the legend the landslide buried a shepherd with his entire flock and his dog and their blood painted the lake red. Hence the name in both languages.

The lake is not red and it’s rather peaceful.

Red (Murderer) Lake

Over the years the trees that were standing in the water for a long time got rotten away and fell down. Today only the stumps of their trunks stick out of the water. The ducks like them!

So the lake can be called murderer as it has killed quite a few nice trees.

From the lake we went on towards Bucovina through the Bicaz Gorge which is a very impressive gorge formed by the Bicaz creek. It is one of the most popular climbing places in Romania, many Hungarian climbers visit it as well. Many routes start almost from the roadside. Unfortunately, Judit doesn’t climb so all I could do is watch the huge walls with my mouth open and take plenty of pictures.

Bicaz Gorge with the ‘Preacher’s Stool’ in the background. Lots of climbing routes go up to the peak

Just looking up made me feel dizzy