Blue Tit Update

Crikey they grow quick! Just seven days old (well, one chick is 7, there are 4 who are 6, and 1 who is a little over 5) and the blue tit chicks have at least doubled in size, perhaps three times! Plus they have cute little tufts of feathers on their heads and you can clearly see the starts of the feathers on their wings. I’m pretty sure the oldest’s eyes are just starting to open now too. So, the rate of growth got me wondering how long they stay in the nest before fledging? In comes Google. For reference I’ve included the information below (for future years):

Breeding Data

Breeding Starts Number of Clutches Number of Eggs Incubation (days) Fledge (days)
Mid-April 1-2
Normally just one.
5-16 12-16 15-23

Here’s a little clip of how they are doing:

And a cute picture of mum trying to keep the chicks warm, but it seems that all squashed together in the cup of the nest they are a bit too big to nestle underneath her…

They made it!

So far so good, all six eggs have hatched and survived their first few days!

Despite my early worries about the parenting skills of the newly hatched chicks they’ve all got through their first few days. It was very tricky to count them all to be sure, but it’s just possible in this very poor picture (sorry 🙁 ) to make out six distinct yellow gapes. 😀 Hooray!

Six yellow gapes of our nesting Blue Tit chicks

Frantic Nesting

Hooray! Our video equipped nest box has seen some frantic nest building activity today!

A blue tit making it's nest? Lets hope for lots of chicks!
(sorry about the black and white image, it was getting dark when I grabbed this picture)

Lets just hope she (or is it the guys who start the nest building to say “look what a great provider I will be!” to the gals?) lays some eggs and has some chicks… 😀