Jo and I had a great three days, walking many miles – why did no-one warn me that the streets of Barcelona are so hard? – in the heat, to tick off as many sights as possible.

There are some superb museums in Barcelona. We particularly liked the Frederic Mares Museum.

I loved the Museu d’Historia de Barcelona because it includes a huge subterranean archaeological excavation – fascinating but impossible to photograph with an ordinary camera due to the low light.

The Art Gallery of Catalunya is excellent. Unfortunately we were thrown out too soon; the guidebook had the closing time wrong 🙁 so there is an excuse to go back.

It is housed in a huge purpose built edifice erected, surprisingly, in 1929: how come there were the resources after the Depression and shortly before the collapse into Civil War?

The Art Gallery
Inside the main hall - a great space for performance, or holding a ball! There is also a good cafe off one corner.

We felt it compulsort to visit La Sagrada Familia, but having seen the immense queue which snaked round the whole block and was several deep, we made do with the outside. It may be deeply un-trendy to say so but Gaudi does nothing for me, so you can look up your own images of the catheral on the internet. Here is is from Parc Guell:

La Sagrada Familia

I will say it is very impressive, and certainly interesting. We looked at quite a bit of other modern architecture; in fact it is impossible to avoid in Barcelona!

A Gaudi structure on Parc Guell

I found the parks and gardens a little disappointing.

There was no climbing; in fact is is prohibited:

Spoilsports at the castle

We made up for the disappointment with cake.

more cake

The last day became a bit fraught when Jo’s bag was stolen during the afternoon. In addition to euros, wallet, credit card, car keys, and her daughter’s digital SLR, it contained her passport. As a result of this we discovered that:

  1. the British Consulate closes at 1.30 pm;
  2. Barcelona has some very helpful inhabitants but our Spanish could have used improvement;
  3. the police station closes at 5 pm.

I flew home alone. However, I am pleased to say that Jo got home today with a brand new passport. I hope her journey was better than mine: a passenger decided to have a panic attack and was eventually offloaded before take-off. Having lost our slot we finally departed Spnish airspace in time to get me home for 3.30 am. A few hours later I was back at work…