Garden review

With Richard away in California, I had a very sociable weekend involving loads of people coming around and lots of nice food. I even spared time for a steady 18.5 miles on Sunday morning which involved the second running of the the Four Counties run, this time with Mark.

Given that the only real adventure was running into an invisible electric fence, I decided that a review of the garden was in order. This is timely because in the last couple of weeks the garden has started to look past its best with autumn on it’s way. I have therefore put together a selection of pictures taken over the summer.

The veggies have been amazing this year thanks to the horse muck I dug in during the winter. We have been supplied with runner beans, squash, courgette, carrots, spinach, rhubarb, cucumber and potatoes throughout the summer. The tomatoes have faired less well, but not through lack of care. Notice the squash in the bottom left picture that decided to grow over our gravel alpine garden!

We now have loads of green tomato and also beetroot chutney too… yum!

Our flowers have also been beautiful. The alpine flowers looked amazing in the spring and the petunias in the hanging basket have been no less than stunning the whole summer.

Felicity the frog has also enjoyed the garden and we hope she returns next year 🙂