We spent the weekend orienteering.

On Saturday we orienteered at the Wyche Ridge on the Malvern Hills. The area is very steep, but the planner happily took us along the ridge on one side and back on the other side, which meant the total climb was not too severe.

On Sunday, I suggested a long run and Richard suggested orienteering. In the end, we compromised by driving to within a 40 min run of an orienteering event and then running there, running the event and then running back. This worked out well because it meant we could run through more of the pretty Leicestershire countryside than we otherwise would have done. Unfortunately we were little late leaving home because of a small plumbing problem that needed fixing, so the gentle jog to the event turned into a bit of a sprint. In the end we only arrived a couple of minutes late for registration, which was fine. Given that we both had tired legs after the event, our run back to the car was much more gentle and we took time to take in the views from the hill in Bradgate Park.

Richard and the view over Bradgate Park - plus deer
Richard in front of Old John's Tower in Bradgate Park
The route!