Portland AGM

Over the weekend we travelled to Portland, via EasyJet to Bournemouth airport and a free night (thanks to reward points) in the Bornemouth Marriott hotel, for the Climbers’ Club AGM. Some commitment eh? Well, it was Smiler and Laetitia’s valedictory dinner as President and Vice Presidents respectively. Also, as Chair of CC publications (a post Smiler championed me for) I wanted to support as much as I could… 😛

Friday was a day of tourist fun and games; paddling in the (cold) sea, mini-golf, and cakes…

Paddling at Bournemouth Pier

Laetitia pasted me at mini-golf!

Laetitia: Mini-golf Champion

Of course she reaped all the benefits of a champion – caffè latte and cake in the café at the end of the pier! :yum:

Cakes on the pier for the Mini-golf Winner!

On the way to our traditional Friday night curry, we spotted this…

Surfing style?

On Saturday morning we drove across to Portland and met up with Richard for some sunny Portland limestone rock climbing. Well, actually it wasn’t that sunny, and there was a sharp easterly breeze! All in all, nice to get out rock climbing (we did do six routes!), but bloody hell it made for cold fingers! :freeze:

Richard climbing on very cold Portland limestone

The rest of the gang were there too, including the (well wrapped up against the cold) new CC President, Fiona Sanders.

Fiona, the new President of the CC

Saturday afternoon was the AGM itself, and in the evening the AGM dinner. Alan Hinkes gave a great after dinner talk about his 14 x 8000m summits. I’ve heard Alan’s talk twice before, but every-time his brilliant yorkshireman-comedic style can’t fail to entertain!

Sorry, no pix of the dinner.

Sunday morning was the usual first meeting of the new committee. So while I joined that, Laetitia (now newly freed from the committee which she’s worked on for seven years!) went for a quick sightseeing trip around Portland. The sun was out but the wind was wicked. In other words, it was very very cold, even colder than Saturday despite the powerful sunshine. The weather forecast said it would feel like -15°C! :freeze: So rock climbing might have been a tad unpleasant.

at Portland Bill
Loud Loud Loud!
Chesil Beach