Even more powder day

It has hardly stopped snowing for the last two days. Most of the lifts have been shut and the avalanche risk is 5, so there hasn’t been must piste or off post skiing going on.

For those that know our balcony, you can see the snow is almost up to the rail and the table is almost covered.

Instead, we’ve festered.

But eventually cabin fever got the better of me and we went for a walk…

Snowy view along the river.
A buried van!
Wading through the deep snow.

… and I made a snow angel.

Attempting to get as much air from a standing start...
... I land and nearly get completely buried...
... and I need help to escape.

I’m hoping it’ll stop snowing soon, so we can get to enjoy all this fresh powder.

Snow Angels and the food of Snow Angels

We had a quiet day today to rest our muscles. Pete worked on the Tremadog guidebook and I learnt some more French.

By early afternoon I was getting cabin fever so I decided we should take a walk up the ‘other’ Cogne valley, the Valnontey valley, to check out the conditions of the routes up there. It is an easy enough valley walk with at least a couple of great looking routes fairly close to Valnontey to go at if the weather stays fine.

En route I practiced the art of Snow Angels.

A Snow Angel in the making

Stopping off in Cogne on the way back we visited a heavenly little pasticceria and picked up one or two (or six) delicacies.

So beautifully wrapped
Six very small (honest) and very beautifully crafted cakes
All gone!

New Year in the Black Forest

Happy 2010 from the Black Forest to all of you! With 15 people we occupied Mathias’ dads birth place in the middle of the southern black forest. No cell phone reception – relaxing times guaranteed! It was great to have lot’s of our friends arround and even the table seemed to miraciously getting longer and longer. Finally we also got enough snow to go out and play! Who is up for snow ball fights? More “New Year in the Black Forest”

High Spy… with my little eye,
something beginning with S ?

With the cold spell continuing, the snow has lasted pretty well; we met our friend Chris and headed up from Grange to the ridge between Maiden moor and High Spy. The snow was a mix of powder and hard wind scoured ice, but we managed to pick our way around all day without crampons. The views had been used up by everyone else in the previous few days, so there was none left for us…. (viewmeter starts again on Jan 1st) and a cloudy cover hid them and often the route from us.

Skiddaw peeks though the cloud, for just a moment

There were some patches of good snow, but these were solid and defeated Anna’s efforts at making a snow angel for Tish!!

It wasn’t long before the call of the cake shop had us heading down…..

I'm going down for cake!
Full moon over Spyatri

White Lakeland Christmas

It was a glorious day, dinner could wait, so we went for a walk.

As we were heading out into the wintry snow, we packed supplies…

  • Champagne – check
  • Nibbles – check
  • Extra Christmas presents – check

We ventured out from the door and made our way to the highest point – Brunt Knott

On the way I couldn’t resist a Snow Angel.

Just for Jon, some professional snow angels

A perfect Snow Angel, but who ate all the pies...
Surely not me.

At the top of the hill we found a triangulation post. A perfect table for our supplies.

We had the whole place to ourselves.

Lovely bubbly...
Time for presents.
Christmas cheer.

Suitably refreshed, we had a giggly descent, through a few snow drifts and back to base camp. Time to cook dinner, and maybe a little snooze.

:star: Happy Christmas everyone! :star:

Haweswater Horseshoe

My friend Dave came to visit this weekend, and after an aborted walk on the Friday (I got a call to assist Keswick MRT with a fallen walker on Sharp Edge), we headed to Haweswater yesterday.

With the cooler temparatures, I was expecting a dusting of snow overnight, but we were treated to a good covering at higher levels. The cloud lifted during the morning and by the time we got up to High Street, the tops cleared and an inversion took hold – it was stunning. I was also looking after Pete’s dog “Midge” for the weekend – I think she enjoyed herself too!

Here’s a taster…

Haweswater Reservoir
Haweswater Reservoir

Looking back to Randale Beck
Looking back to Randale Beck

Dave checking in with the wife
Dave checking in with the wife

Tish - thought you might like some snow angels!
Tish - thought you might like some snow angels!

Little Midge
Little Midge

Top of High Street, looking towards Froswick
Top of High Street, looking towards Froswick

Helvellyn popping out to say hello
Helvellyn popping out to say hello

Old Man of Coniston on the left, Cold Pike and some other stuff, Scafell, Bowfell, Fairfield and Helvellyn?!
Old Man of Coniston on the left, Cold Pike and some other stuff, Scafell, Bowfell, Fairfield and Helvellyn?!