I just love snow! Or so I thought …

Today found us again in Northern Hungary, in one of the most beautiful mountains called Börzsöny. It is situated on the Northern side of the Danube Bend, at the Slovakian border.
As the weather has been quite warm in the last few days, all the snow fallen in the past weeks started to melt down, so we expected a rather wet hill walk today. Instead, we found lots and lots of snow, knee-deep most of the time but sometimes even deeper.

No wonder our small doggy friend Nudli looked like a Michelin figure.

Nudli collected nice snowballs on her fur

I tried to clean her but it was no help, soon she looked the same again.

Trying to free Nudli from her snowballs

It was obvious that she was unable to continue on her feet so I had to carry her.

Somewhat easier like this – at least for Nudli!

But it was hard to walk in the deep snow even without the 7kg Nudli in my arms, my back started aching just after a few hundred metres. So we had to find out something better.

Now Nudli is smiling because she can travel in my warm fleece.

I wasn’t smiling for too long, as Nudli was still too heavy to be carried this way. And the snow was getting deeper and deeper and our path was getting steeper and steeper. Then I had an idea!

The ultimate solution. Apparently, Nudli loved it!

The snow was so deep that we sometimes almost disappeared in it. It was a real struggle to proceed.

Jenna’s leg has disappeared!

Gulyas was a hero, he walked the whole distance (ca. 18 km), sometimes „swimming” in the snow but without being picked up even once!

Gulyas somewhat exhausted

All in all, it was a hard but beautiful walk!

I think even Terry couldn’t wish for anything better in Canada!!!