Summer Evenings

Monday – Walking

At this time of year, when the weather is nice, the evenings after work are a great time to get out for some bonus play-time! On Monday Laetitia and I went for a stroll over the local hills and wound up at the Watermill in Ings for a tasty pub meal! :yum:

On really hot summer days this tarn above Ings is a popular swimming spot
A cheeky swing?

Tuesday – Climbing

In the morning I had to drop the car off at the garage where it was having its service. As the weather was so wonderful I chose to walk rather than catching the bus. I passed through a couple of golf courses next to the river Kent, and one had this sculpture near one of the tees.

Golfer sculpture

The evening remained lovely and sunny, so after a day sat in-front of a PC we got our climbing gear together and headed off to Quayfoot Buttress in Borrowdale to grab a route or two before sunset. Although it turned out to be just the one route, The Crypt Direct, as when the sun dropped below the ridge line of Cat Bells on the opposite side of the valley the crag was plunged in to shade and the midges came out in force driving us away with our tails between our legs.

Pete starting The Crypt Direct

Wednesday – Letterboxing

Today I grabbed the very last of the day’s great weather (and probably the last of the week as tomorrow it’s set to rain 😥 ) with a romp up the Old Man of Coniston in search of a couple of letterbox stamps.

At Goat Water the shallow water at the sides of the notoriously deep and cold tarn were teeming with baby fish!
A welcome note at the Old Man letterbox…


On the way down I spotted a mine entrance that seemed quite interesting, and seeing as it was getting dark anyway, going in to the dark mine to have a poke around wasn’t going to be any different to walking down in the dark anyway. I found a MASSIVE chamber and lots more to explore… We’ll have to go back with proper lighting to really see what’s there!

A very old ladder in one of Coniston’s copper mines


Thursday – the Olympic Torch…

The weather is set to turn wet tomorrow, but we’ll still be out in the evening as the Olympic Torch relay celebration is due in Windermere!