Hooray, it’s sunny again!

Thankfully it has stopped snowing and the sun has come out to play! Although it is still quite cold, just 7°C in the shade, so we chose a super sunny venue, Sugar Loaf, to get back on the rock and enjoy the solar radiation…

Paul eyeing up the climbing options on the approach to the Sugar Loaf
We ended up at the West Buttress area where we all tested our ability to smear on non-holds for our feet while pulling on imaginary holds for our hands!
Boris high stepping on The Left Cheek
Laetitia leading the The Left Cheek
Pete & Laetitia on the route we all agreed was the best of the day, Scratchin' It

On the way back from the Sugar Loaf we stopped at Strawberry Lodge for an ice cream (a holiday essential now that the sun has returned). Also Boris took the opportunity to indulge his hippy tendencies and bought a tie-die t-shirt! 😉

It's the one Boris is wearing that he bought, not the "Clint Eastwood stylee poncho for girls" that was considered the most psychedelic!