For our final day in Germany we planned a trip to Battert near Baden-Baden. We’d been here before on our previous trip and had really enjoyed the more familiar volcanic rocks. So much more like climbing at home in the Lakes than the sandstone climbing in the Pfalz. However, as soon as we joined the motorway we realised we were in trouble! With no way off and no way back we were stuck in the mother of all traffic jams! 🙁

Unfortunately this seems to be a regular feature of driving on the autobahn – every trip to Germany I’ve ever had has at some point included being stuck for hours in a terrible traffic jam. What does this say about the in-famous German lack of motorway speed limits?

Autobahn traffic jam - we spent nearly two hours stationary!
Luckily we had our books with us to read...

However, we did finally make it to the climbing at Battert. Although we were very hot – it was a shocking 31°C! And we were very short on time – having to get back to Frankfurt for our evening flight home. Although we did get some climbing done and we also had a chance to explore the Altes Schloss (Baden-Baden’s Castle) before running away to the airport (hoping for no traffic jams). But not before one last cake – Apfelküchle. :yum: :yum:

Laetitia climbing at the Battert - in the melting 31°C heat!
Laetitia at the Altes Schloss

Yummy Apfelküchle (Apple Fritters?)