My first train adventure

Today I had an adventure of a different kind…

My Tisha Person (who I love very much) took me out on a walk. I was very excited, as usual, but we were not going in the normal direction.

We went up some stairs and I found myself on a raised bit, looking down on some metal bars.

Zac on the platform at Staveley Station.

We waited around for what seemed like ages and ages (10 minutes) and more people arrived which got me very excited because I wanted to say hello to everyone.

Eventually there was a noise getting louder and a thing arrived. Apparently it’s called a train.

My Tisha person picked me up and we got on it!!

OMG!!! It started moving, but I was ok because I was on my Tisha person’s lap (I do love her a lot).

Zac on Tisha’s lap.

I looked out of the window, then decided to sniff around the floor for a bit, but I decided the view out of the window was better.

Zac looking out of the window as we approach Kendal.

All too quickly the adventure was over… but that led to another adventure. A much longer walk.


Since Richard broke his arm 10 days ago, our planned summer holiday in Norway had to be postponed. Backpacking and sleeping in a tent would not have been a viable proposition at this point.

So, we decided to stay close to home and have a shorter summer break than planned. Nevertheless we have had a great time, catching up with lots of people and spending some time around the house (which is unusual!).

Day 1: Visit to see my parents and Grandfather.

Day 2: Pressure washed the drive(!) and visited friends in Ilkeston.

Day 3: 17 mile run (take a look at for Mark’s GPS track) and visited sister and Brendan in Leicester.

I was accompanied on the 17 mile run with Mark from running club. We set out with map in hand and ran towards Hints through Gorsey Bank and over to Hopwas Woods. The weather was perfect and the views were pretty good for middle-of-England terrain. Thanks to Mark for the photo

Day 4: Visited friends in Shropshire.

Day 5: Painting and jobs around the house, plus a walk up the local slag heap(!).

The summit of Pooley Slag Heap!

Day 6: Visit to see the Staffordshire Hoard in Birmingham and an afternoon with Keith and his garden railway.

One of Keith's trains arriving at Birdlip station

Whilst the trains were unable to take us on a trip around the garden, my camera had a nice ride…

So, no great adventures this time, but everything is slightly more ‘adventurous’ with a one-armed husband!