Sunshine and Reine

Despite the persistent rain over the Lofoten Islands, there were places to explore, so with just enough gear for an overnight camp, we took the ferry from Reine to Vinstad. All the mountains were in cloud and views were very limited as we made our way up the fjord from Reine. The conditions were only slightly better on the other site of the island. From the ferry dock, we walked through Vinstad Village to Bunes Beach. This is quite an amazing place. The beach is around 400 m wide, with one side bound by a mountain comprising one huge slab of rock.

View up Reine Fjord from Vinstad

On arrival we pitched the tent and then explored the beach. We found this huge bone… we think it’s the back of a whale’s skull! It was much to heavy to pick up. Later in the day, numerous other campers arrived, but it remained a quiet, spectacular place.

The whale skull on Bunes Beach

We packed up early in the morning and caught the 10.15 ferry back to Reine. During this journey, the promised sun started to appear and by the time we reached Reine it was almost clear except, that is, for the mountain we had planned to climb. We decided to climb it anyway, and we’re very glad we did, because by the time we reached the top, the mist had gone and the views were spectacular. We sat on the summit for about an hour just watching the clouds clearing off the other mountains, and a pod of killer whales in the sea below.

Richard looking over Reine Fjord
Reine from the top of the mountain

After our walk we headed back to Moskenes, determined to have fresh fish for dinner. After a lot of messing around, visiting the docks in different villages, we eventually managed to obtain a haddock that had literally come off the boat that minute. We took it back to the camp-ground and had a lovely fish dinner, despite the fact that the only tool we had to prepare it was the saw from our pocketknife!