My first train adventure

Today I had an adventure of a different kind…

My Tisha Person (who I love very much) took me out on a walk. I was very excited, as usual, but we were not going in the normal direction.

We went up some stairs and I found myself on a raised bit, looking down on some metal bars.

Zac on the platform at Staveley Station.

We waited around for what seemed like ages and ages (10 minutes) and more people arrived which got me very excited because I wanted to say hello to everyone.

Eventually there was a noise getting louder and a thing arrived. Apparently it’s called a train.

My Tisha person picked me up and we got on it!!

OMG!!! It started moving, but I was ok because I was on my Tisha person’s lap (I do love her a lot).

Zac on Tisha’s lap.

I looked out of the window, then decided to sniff around the floor for a bit, but I decided the view out of the window was better.

Zac looking out of the window as we approach Kendal.

All too quickly the adventure was over… but that led to another adventure. A much longer walk.

Chamonix CC & Birthday Skiing

Last week we were visiting Chamonix for a week of winter sports. We weren’t sure the skiing would be up to much as this year as there has been very little snow. So we had prepared for what might be ideal alpine winter climbing conditions. However, as it turned out there was a large dump of snow over the first weekend of our trip, and there is nothing that beats skiing fresh powder! More “Chamonix CC & Birthday Skiing”

Another Dry Lakeland Bank Holiday

After an amazing start to the summer weather in May and early June, July and August have been quite disappointing really. More wet, grey, and disappointing weather days than the proper summer sunshine we had hoped for. 🙁 However, despite that we’ve been out and about on the Lakeland crags a fair bit. 🙂 Then, as luck would have it, the August bank holiday was again (mostly) dry and sunny. Unfortunately we’ve both been ill so this held back adventures somewhat, but not completely… More “Another Dry Lakeland Bank Holiday”

Springtime France

We’re recently back from a couple of weeks in France, what an amazing (and weird?) series of spring weather conditions we had though… More “Springtime France”

Mini New Year Break in Chamonix

The snow conditions were looking very poor in Chamonix with the endless sunshine in the Alps. The Atlantic frontal systems that should have been delivering frequent snow storms were being concentrated in to torrential rain over the north west of England. However, it still seemed like a better option than watching that endless rain in Cumbria…

Rock Climbing

Oddly for the time of year our first day out wasn’t the seasonally normal activity of finding our ski-legs – we went rock climbing!

Sport climbing at Malsaire
Sport climbing at Malsaire


After our family Xmas celebration at home we continued the fun in France with New Year…

Xmas dinner left-overs - turkey, gammon, and leek pie
What an awesome way to enjoy some of the Xmas dinner left-overs – turkey, gammon, and leek pie. Thanks Paul Hollywood!
Zac getting ready for the traditional Chamonix New Year madness
Zac getting ready for the traditional Chamonix New Year madness
Laetitia and Pete out in Chamonix centre seeing in the New Year
Laetitia and Pete out in Chamonix centre seeing in the New Year
Casino and Fireworks
Chamonix’s casino and some fireworks overhead – despite fireworks having been banned due to poor air quality trapped in the valley by the endless high pressure weather
Chamonix on New Year's eve
The traditional madness that is Chamonix on New Year’s eve – champagne sprays, (banned) fireworks, hundreds of people, etc.


Skiing at Grand Montets
After the New Year eve’s light snow we enjoyed a day of skiing at Grand Montets with slightly improved snow cover – still only a few runs were open and nothing down to valley level though
Laetitia trying to re-warm her feet
Laetitia trying to re-warm her feet at the Logan lift station at Grand Montets