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Having just taken my first chalet-based skiing holiday I have decided it is the way to go. Excellent food prepared daily by a lovely Polish couple, no washing up, comfy en-suite rooms, jacuzzi/sauna, plus a flat-screen DVD player. Our friends brought their teenage daughters but it was the adults who were glued to “Skins” (yes, really!)

View at Alp d'Huez

There was heaps of snow when we arrived and more fell every day.

The most unusual cake prize goes to this effort at one of the on-piste cafes:

Cake or spider?

Bizarrely there was rain on Christmas Eve and the balconies, roofs and trees cleared of snow. But then the temperature dropped and by morning another three inches had fallen in town, and on the slopes there was an amazing amount of fresh powder. We all had a great deal of fun tumbling around in the off-piste without any pain at all:

Deb and Anna doing well!

Unfortunately Wayne, who skis at 800 mph and does not believe in lessons (sound familiar, Jon?) hit an icy piste with his chest, damaged his cartilages, and was subsequently caused great pain by each Grim joke; here’s an example:

Grim (on entering a cafe): I think I’d like a pancake, but I’ve heard they’re crepes.
Anna & Deb: Ho ho!
Wayne: Owwww!!!!!!!

On the staff free night we ate out: raclette and creme brulee on the menu:


yum yum!!

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