Nov 08 27

All play and no work makes us smelly climbers!! So between routes we picked a showery day to do some washing. Yes, really Jon….. washing!!!! The others took time out to have a shower, but I didn’t bother (urghh!)

Washing drying at the Pines campground

Washing drying at the Pines campground

Lots more routes were done though; here’s a selection of them.

The Arapiles picture frame! (?)

The Arapiles picture frame! (?)

Laetitia on <i>Lamplighter</i>

Laetitia on Lamplighter

Pete on <i>Tannin</i>

Pete on Tannin

Ian on <i>Watchtower Crack</i>

Ian on Watchtower Crack

Anna on <i>Bard</i>

Anna on Bard

Anna at the top of the <i>Pharos</i>

Anna at the top of the Pharos

Sundown leaving Arapiles

Sundown leaving Arapiles

Series - Australia 2008

  1. Australian Rock
  2. Blue Mountains
  3. The Australian Alps
  4. I’m a climber get me out of here!
  5. The Greatest Crag in the World … ?
  6. Farewell to Arapiles … for now …
  7. G’day Kats
  8. Emu Holiday Park
  9. Hello Grampians
  10. Crikey! Australia Zoo
  11. Glass House Mountains
  12. Rainforest meets Reef
  13. Quizzing in Sydney
  14. Reunion in Kiama
  15. The end of the Australian Adventure
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