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Greetings from Hungary! Just like Terry in 2007, we had a wonderful time in Paklenica, Croatia last weekend. The weather was just perfect with lots of sunshine and temperatures around 20 °C. Paklenica National Park lies in the Velebit mountains near Zadar at the Dalmatian coast. (Where else could Dalma go?!) It is officially off season now – we could not even buy a guidebook – so there were only few climbers around, we had most of the routes to ourselves. The rock quality is superb with huge pocket-holds which sometimes have razor sharp edges and tiny limestone spikes in them (ouch!!!). We climbed some nice and easy routes (easy for others that is!) on Ovcji Kuk:

From this route I took a picture of Kukovi ispod Vlake which gives you a different view of the route Nosorog climbed by Vikki in 2007! This time it was climbed by my daughter Jenna who is a tiny invisible dot somewhere in the picture.

It is really worth paying a visit, I would say the best times are early spring and late autumn when it is not as crowded as in the summer and accommodation is really cheap (not to mention food and beer). A bit of rain is no problem either as the rock dries super fast (as we experienced during our previous visit in May)

Here you can see Jenna (this time visible) in the route Cile on Ovcji Kuk, rhyming again with Vikki’s Nosorog picture.

While climbing, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape with the sea!

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