Rab MM 2011

There were times when I thought we wouldn’t end up running the Rab Mountain Marathon in 2011 after Richard broke his arm in August and I sprained my ankle fairly badly three weeks before the event. But thankfully, we both managed to mend to an extent that allowed us to participate. The only problem was the distinct lack of preparation. On the positive side, the welsh scenery was fantastic and it reminded me of the three good years I spent in Bangor. The views, which I know so well, spurred me throughout the event.

It was also great fun having Pete and Tish compete; Anna and Ian, you’ll be next!

As Pete and Tish reported, the first day started in rather damp weather. In fact, I think we only got a couple of decent views throughout the whole day. We took pictures of both of them:

Climbing up to a 40 pointer early on day 1

A rare glimpse of scenery through the cloud

On the first day we had 6 hours to visit as many controls, and collect as many points, as possible. Richard had chosen a fairly risky route that collected both a 40 and 50 point control, which would have stood us a good chance of doing well. Running back to the camp on day 1, we had collected 320 points. Unfortunately, our risk didn’t pay off and our tired legs didn’t run the 2.5 km back to the campsite fast enough, which made us 20 minutes late … meaning that we lost 100 points! Ouch!

GPS track - Day 1

In total we travelled 28 km and ascended over 2400 m. My legs were useless when we arrived at the finish. I even had to sit down whilst we waited to download. Thankfully by this time, the sun was shining and it was blissful lying at the campsite completely still.

Blissful rest at the camp - and look at the blue sky!

I had hoped that a swig of Pete and Tish’s shampoo-tainted whisky would have helped my aching legs, but the first climb of day 2 proved really quite strenuous. It was long and fairly slow. Thankfully I did recover later in the day and we sped up to some extent.

Emerging from the first mammoth climb of the day
GPS track day 2

Despite our efforts on day 2 to collect more points (we got 185), we were not going to be in a position to be anywhere near the top of the field this year. Still, we had a fun weekend and we didn’t break/sprain any limbs.

Adding miles to the legs

The Saturday after Christmas found Anna and I running around Buttermere and flogging around the Keswick shops. My legs were already knackered from the previous exertions, but I thought it was best to keep them moving incase they seized up completely.


The weather was great and we enjoyed fantastic views ………….


In Keswick we made a sentimental visit to Woolies (last day) and bought some discounted chocolate! DOH!!!

All that hard work ruined! We also saw Santa in mufti, looking like he’d had a hard couple of days, but he did snap up some bargains in Woolworths for next year. Apparently the credit crunch even extends to the North Pole………..


On the way home we got more great views and a fell pony tried to hitch a lift!!


A busy day for parapenting…. how many can you spot???