Plan B

Paul and Boris

We said we’d get back to Le Chapeau (it was good last time) – and today the poor forecast coupled with our forgetting the guidebook meant we needed a plan B; Chapeau…

Paul, Boris, Laetitia and Pete grabbed four excellent granite slab routes before today’s thunderstorms started.

Testing moves on a 6c slab! (photo by Paul)

Series - Chamonix 2007

  1. Plan B
  2. La Grande Dalle d’Amone
  3. Laetitia gets the Swiss Army knife out…
  4. A walk on the not so wild side
  5. What time is the last train?
  6. Laetitia has a cold; Paul + Pete go downhill…
  7. Where’s it gone…?

8 thoughts on “Plan B”

  1. Looking at that weather all four of you can go straight to the top of the git list 😈

    Just out of interest; is all the climbing there on the granite slabs off vertical?

  2. OFF vertical???????? VERY vertical!!!!
    But because it’s a slab, and it’s granite, the friction is AWESOME. My favourite and at last something I can lead.

  3. The crag looks great, especially as I was working today…… helping some old guy build a big boat for a load of animals……
    Has Pete got a number of those photogenic T shirts or is that the same one on every blog???? Pheeeewwww!

  4. …and a “VERY vertical!!!!” wall was called an ‘overhang’?! I assume the number of exclamation marks is proportional to the amount of overhang, so that’ll be Tish on 40 degree overhanging terrain relying on friction alone – now that is awesome!

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