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The theme (look and feel) used for Sterling Adventures has been developed with lots of love and care! Although it probably isn’t perfect (or even working in some places – software is never bug-free), but I am fairly proud of it. 😳 So, first off lets give credit where it’s due…

Apple’s iWeb Modern template was the seed for the overall style. The original blog was built using iWeb (check this page for some background), but that soon failed to meet requirements and was moved in March 2007 to WordPress, delivering a ‘proper’ blog.

However, there was an awful lot of customisation work to get it to look right (and anything at all like the Apple template). Not to mention hours and hours of fiddling to make stuff work across multiple browsers; Safari (Mac), Firefox, and Microsoft’s annoying IE v6.

I think it is now at a point where it’s worth shouting about, and possibly sharing…

Here are some of the features:

  • Styled to fit in with Apple’s Modern iWeb template.
  • Clean layout focussing on content, not the theme itself.
  • Neat javascript to include video uploads on post pages.
  • Widgetised sidebar with docking boxes.
  • Integrated Lightbox enabled slideshows of post images.
  • Integrated images ratings.
  • etc.
Let me know if you are interested in using the theme for your own WordPress blog using the feedback link at the page footer or this comment link. The theme is available for sale – the price is dependent upon how much customisation is required to make it work for your site. For example, the menu structure at the top of the page is included externally from the theme to permit integration with other site content/pages.

Prices are very reasonable – for example, if you already have some HTML suitable to include for the menu and integrated slideshows and picture ratings are not needed, it may be as little as $20.

Sorry it isn’t as simple as just providing a free download link – it wasn’t built with that in mind.

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  1. I would be interested in how you developed your Widgetised sidebar with docking boxes. While I like your theme, the design of your sidebar is most interesting with being able to move and minimize widgets.

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