What time is the last train?


After waking up to a beautiful morning, late as usual, I was keen to get out after two days cooped up in the apartment. After a hasty breakfast, we (Paul, Laetitia and Pete; Boris went to climb some ice somewhere on the glacier) drove to the train station to grab a train up to Montenvers. Driving seemed lazy, but it turned out to be the first good move of the day, getting us on to a train before it got super busy.

An hour an a half plodding up the Mer de Glace got us to the Envers slabs, where we climbed Pilier des rhodo-dindons. Excellent slabby climbing with an amazing view, and in full sun all day.

We finished with just enough energy left to climb the ladders back to the Montenvers train station, and with just enough time to actually catch a train!

A thin slab with an amazing background view (photo by Paul)

Series - Chamonix 2007

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