Capricorn Mountain Marathon

This weekend was the Capricorn Mountain Marathon. A two day long orienteering event with the central campsite near Glossop in Derbyshire. Richard and I competed in the A and C courses respectively. I chose the C course on the basis of our impending holidays being rather physical (6 days orienteering in Scotland followed by a week cycling on Harris and Lewis). The courses went over Kinder Scout and also Alton Moor and were somewhat hilly and rather peaty. My course covered 18km on the first day (straight line) and 12k on the second. Richard did rather more, covering about 27k on the first day and 18k on the second: of course we covered much greater distances than these as a straightline was never the best route. Richard came a fab 2nd in the A course and I was 2nd women on the C (5th overall).

5 thoughts on “Capricorn Mountain Marathon”

  1. Strangely enough, the peat wasn’t that boggy. You can see our routes at, under Capricorn Day 1 and 2 (not short or long course). Day 2 had a leg directly across the peat, over which, if you got a bearing slightly off, you would have been out for hours!

    Looking forward to Scotland next week; a week orienteering, then a week cycling on Lewis and Harris 🙂

    What are your holiday plans Laetitia?

  2. Rachel may claim we weren’t knee deep, but I certainly spent some time lost in the peat. I came back from day 1 with one leg black right up to my shorts.

    Great weekend though. Gorgeous country, nice views, challenging running.

    Oh, and what Rachel left out was that even though I came second, the guy who won beat me by 90 minutes over the two days, so it really wasn’t close!

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