Broken Car + Hoover Dam

After yesterday’s epic on Jubilant Song we were so knackered we decided on a day checking out the Hoover Dam, it’s just 30 miles from Las Vegas, so we couldn’t miss it really…


But the day started badly, our hire car had sprung an oil leak! All the oil had dripped onto the car park and the engine wouldn’t run at all (something about protecting itself when there’s no oil pressure)! Some desperate telephone calls to the rental company and the “Ewing Brothers” were despatched to recover our stricken car. Funny, I thought JR and Bobby lived in Dallas, not Las Vegas?

Rid of the broken American car we got a more reliable European motor as a replacement, and off we went to see the Hoover Dam.


The dam spans the Nevada / Arizona state line, so either end of the dam are in different time zones. Weird! It took us an hour and 40 seconds to get these two pictures!

Nevada Time
Arizona Time

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