The Langdale Pudding Race

At last! The day had arrived and we all headed for The New Dungeon Ghyll in Langdale for the 10km Christmas pudding race.

The event kicked off with a 3km fun run for youngsters ; Martha and Charlie took the event by storm. Martha was so fast we missed her finishing and Charlie came in a few hundred yards behind. Not bad for their first competitive run, and both very pleased with their medals and lollies!


                                                                   Charlie storms down the finishing funnel


                                                     Charlie and Martha with very proud parents, Sean and Caroline

The time for the main race arrived and we all had something to live up to after the 3km fun run. I was fairly nervous, just hoping I’d finish, but fortunately I had Jon who said he’d run with me, and he ensured I didn’t go off too fast, and didn’t walk!! I was pleased at the end to complete in 51 mins; not bad, and a target for next year!


                                                                                  All the finishers with our Puds!

Thanks to Anna for cheering us all home and taking the pics, and next hiding your disappointment so well!

6 thoughts on “The Langdale Pudding Race”

  1. Ian, i think when they mean no cross-dressing ( :angry: ), I think you must not dress in an aggressive style, or a style that may be construed as cross – perhaps the over-use of red outer garments. You need to get this clarified for next year’s race?

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