A windy winter’s day on Buachaille Etive Beag

Anna, Ian, Sabiene and Andy braved the windswept A74 to pop to see Arthur at Kinlochleven this weekend for a bit of winter sport and some practice for the upcoming Norway trip.

On Saturday Arthur suggested a wander up Buachaille Etive Beag at the western end of Glen Coe to see the snow conditions and test the crampons out. The forecast was for snow flurries, which sounded pretty tame and the full team set out confidently.

The full team of Anna, Sabiene, Arthur, Ian (and Andy behind the camera) before illness took two of us out…

Unfortunately, some of us are not getting any younger, and Ian managed to tweak a muscle in his back getting dressed, and was having difficulty breathing. Sabiene wasn’t feeling too great either and both were forced to drop out in the early stages of the walk.

Anna heading up to the first top.

Arthur, Andy and Anna went on to hit the ridge in a pretty stiff wind. The odd snow shower passed over, but in the wind felt like sharp needles in our faces. Unfortunately, Arthur was without ice axe, and the wind was too high to continue all the way along the ridge, so we retreated about 150 yards from the summit, to return another day.

Anna bracing against the wind on the ridge.

Arthur stepping down from the Stob Dubh ridge.

Arthur and Anna heading down to the summit ridge.

It was a cracking day though – fantastic views.

3 thoughts on “A windy winter’s day on Buachaille Etive Beag”

  1. Yes, excellent photos :star: But sad to hear about the decrepitudes 🙁

    hope you’re all better for Norway which is the real test 😈 but not as big a test as Canada :love:

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