Frosty Ridgeway Ramble


The 85 mile Chilterns Ridgeway runs right past our backdoor so we decided we’d have a carbon free weekend and walk out to the nearest end at Invinghoe Beacon check into a B&B and walk back on the Sunday. Although the highest point on this walk is just 248m its a very up & down trail. The section we did was approx 37 miles with 900m of ascent & descent. We had perfect clear frosty weather and for long sections the trail to ourselves. It’s not an extreme adventure but definitely worth doing and the sore legs at the end suggested it was good exercise too!

2 thoughts on “Frosty Ridgeway Ramble”

  1. Great stuff – but you are making me feel guilty with all this carbon free adventuring! 😉 I’l have to plant some more trees… 🙂
    Oops, meant to add… 37 miles! That’s a long way dude! 😛

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