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The Mini Mill

Having been stuck at home on holiday for a few days I realised that my house was lacking something in the way of furnishings and as a result I went out today to get some stuff for the house. Now furnishings are a matter of highly personnel taste. For some a trip to Ikea and hours spent selecting just the right scatter cushion hits the spot. This is the world of soft furnishings. For others, soft furnishings are not enough, these people need hard furnishings. After spending some time on the interweb searching for just the right item of furniture for my taste I ordered over the phone and drove down to the Warco company just South of Guilford to get my furniture. M25 :love:

My chosen item is a Yangzhou Mini Mill. It is driven by a 550 w motor giving a speed range of 50 – 2500 rpm. The table is 460 x 112 mm with travel of 300 x 130 mm and a maximum height above the table of 290 mm. The column tilts 45 deg each side of vertical for more complex operations and the MT3 spindle comes fitted with a 12 mm chuck that can be removed and replaced with a collet. In addition carbon is used in the manufacture of the mill which then acts as a store so it’s good for my carbon footprint. :good:

What’s the point of having furniture that can’t take your fingers off? Scatter cushions are for GIRLS.

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  1. what is the name of this machine displayed on your site for hard furnishing? and i will appreciate if you can items some of the equipment and their prices for hard furnishing and soft furnishing. tanx!

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