Chamonix + Contamine, a broken day

We crunched our breakfast this morning – un pain avec abricot confiture – and something crunched harder than I expected. I’d broken my tooth! 😮 But nothing was going to stop play today.

Pete surveys the narrow forest track

The sun was out and we had plans to go to Contamine. Contamine is about 30km from Chamonix. It’s lovely and very quiet. We decided on a few pisted runs to get our snow legs in before we tackled the ski tour. Unfortunately I crossed my skis at one point and I took a flyer. It was all very slow motion and I had a few moments to contemplate life as I flew through the air. I landed on my back, jumped up and gained a score of 10 for style, but a big fat 0 for skill. 😳 Oh well, only injury was the second break of the day; I’d broken my rucksack’s ice axe loop.

The tour was less dramatic, but the snow wasn’t in great condition so was tough on the unfit legs. We started on a familiar route – up to the Col de la Fenetre – and then headed for the trees. This wasn’t as good a route as we had done last year. The trail through the tress was far too narrow for our skill levels so we had to walk for a while. But is was still great fun and very beautiful.

9 thoughts on “Chamonix + Contamine, a broken day”

  1. Oh No!!!! I hope the break hasn’t spoilt your smile 😀
    And I hope after your crash you got lots of tlc from Pete ❗
    The forest track does look a little thin and stoney, but I’d rather have been there than in a drizzzzzzly, damp Cumbria :mrgreen:

  2. Hey Ian – it was a clean shot though! I heard the echo of the shot ricochet around the valley, then I looked over my shoulder to see Laetitia somersaulting down the piste after the sniper’s bullet ripped through her rucksack! Huh, and she thought she could get away with telling us that it was just a normal skiing accident/crash…

    What I can’t believe is that the snippers followed us all the way from Norway. 😈

  3. … but I wouldn’t have known it was a sniper. I would have been hit by the bullet before I would have heard anything.

    A trip to the dentist has been organised for tomorrow. Not looking forward to the sound of drills and the smell of burning tooth. Eeeeeuuuuuuuggggghhhhh! 🙁 ..nor the numb lips ad the dribbled tea. 😕

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