Retreat from the Frontline

Tuesday evening, and Anna and I headed for our own secret crag in Borrowdale…………
Only a couple of photos, so as not to give too much away.

Of course, it has an advantage over Pete’s secret crag in that there’s a cafe close by.

I decided to have a go at Frontline, an HVS next to Conclusion, which in a few minutes I found that I was the first person to climb this route probably in 10 years or so. Where it gets its star from I have no idea! The first pitch was steep and mossy, (more mossy than last Saturday, Pete) and to be honest too close to Brown Crag Wall; it was always tempting to reach left with a hand or foot to this route.

The second pitch was up some overlaps, but as the gear was poor, the holds mossy slopers, and the arms weak. I nearly came off, but managed to downclimb to the belay (much cursing) and escape left to the VS, Brown Crag Wall. Much nicer……….

Anyway, if you do come across this route on this secret crag, give it a miss!
Sorry about lack of photos…….. left camera in the car! DOH!!!

5 thoughts on “Retreat from the Frontline”

  1. I certainly would not have led the second pitch of Frontline; you can drag me up it one day if you like, Pete (on a rather tight rope I think!!).

    A perfect evening though – sunny, warm and still; perhaps summer will arrive this year after all?

    [Vile photo – mental note to buy some sexy climbing clothes and not just wear old stuff; alternatively practise posing…]

  2. It was “desperate”!! 😯 😯 I was 2 metres above my gear…. a poor micro friend, trying to rock up to a mossy sloper…………………. I suddenly developed tourettes, a disco leg better than John Travolta, and the assured confidence of Gordon Brown. At that moment I was buggered 🙁 🙁

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