Bad Weather Decision…

With a CC PSC meeting in the Wye Valley this weekend I had hoped to climb at Shorn Cliff or maybe Wintour’s Leap, but the weather forecast was bad for the whole of the UK – or so we thought… We should have stuck to plan A and climbed on Wintour’s Leap! Check out the weather there in this picture. Hardly the heavy showers the BBC weather forecast had lead me to expect!

Where we SHOULD have been on Saturday & Sunday, and weren’t!

However, foregoing plan A, plan B was hatched that had me making a day trip to Chepstow and returning to the frozen (and damp) north for a poor day at Gouther Crag in Swindale.

Where we WERE on Sunday, and shouldn’t have been!
Wearing two fleeces and my windproof to stay warm in the middle of July…

A double whammy – lots of driving, and very little climbing! Doh. :angry:

3 thoughts on “Bad Weather Decision…”

  1. Is it a big sack? Not really, and if it is it’ll be because I packed it badly (being a bit despondent after a poor day). It certainly wasn’t ‘cos I had loads of clothes in it – I was wearing them all to stay warm. Only a few seconds before the photo was taken I had my hat and gloves on too!

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