Bramcrag Quarry

We intended to go to Sandbed Ghyll Crag tonight – the approach is described in the guidebook as “painfully steep but mercifully short (15 minutes)”. When we got there we realised that either the guidebook writer was having a laugh or is an Olympic standard hill walker! You can see the crag from the road – it’s miles away – vertical miles!!!

So we quickly changed plans to the adjacent Bramcrag Quarry – which really does have a quick approach, about 5 minutes. It’s not the most idilic Lakeland destination and very midgey on a still and hot summer evening (luckily we had our insect repellent spray with us. πŸ˜‰ ). But we salvaged an evening’s cragging from the certain sweaty doom of slogging up to Sandbed Ghyll…

Plus, we found lots of these amazingly small frogs hopping around the base.

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