Wilton Quarry

The forecast was for hot and the crowds were on their way. We decided to head the other way. We drove down to Wilton Quarry and watched hundreds of cars queuing on the north bound M6, maybe all on their way to the Windermere air-show.

Wilton was pretty quiet. We actually only managed four routes – too tired in the oppressive humidity and ending up totally pumped on Wipe Out (a sustained E2).

We finished the afternoon with a quick drink (orange and lemonade for the driver!) in the Wilton Arms. A very nice pub in a perfect location – 5 minutes from the crag.

9 thoughts on “Wilton Quarry”

  1. Hey Tish

    You are on my old territory. Remember going there with Pete and Frank, when Pete was werking in Skem 😎

    That must be the most hooked piece of ironmongery around πŸ˜€

    Also, you’ve just done that funny finger move :star:

  2. I held onto that hook for dear life – I wasn’t on form that day. Then I had to step down to make the traverse. I dithered for ages before I stepped up – forgot to use my eyes and feet πŸ™„ . It was an easy move once I’d opened my eyes. 😯 😯

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