A chilly weekend

Richard and I spent the weekend in Derbyshire after spending too much time moving house. On Saturday we took a colleague of mine down Giants Hole and then retired to The Castle in Castleton, which was wonderful and warm. Later that evening we camped at Barracks Farm in Hope. I was pretty cold all night, but in the morning we realised why. It had been -7 degrees C, there was ice on the outside of the sleeping bags where the condensation had formed, and my contact lenses had frozen in their saline water…

We got up, hurried into the cafe and had breakfast to warm up. Following this we drove to Bakewell through the wonderful frosty scenery to take part in the last Dark and White Mini Mountain Marathon event. This is a 3 hour score – find as may controls as possible. They were all around Great Longstone and Ashford in the Water and it was beautiful day. Richard came 4th in the men and I came 1st. The final results aren’t out yet, but as I won the first one also and it’s the best 2 out of 3, I’m hoping to be in the prizes. Richard may well be in the prizes too, but we have to wait to find out!

The weekend was rounded off by cake… of course … in Bakewell.

3 thoughts on “A chilly weekend”

  1. Wow, busy busy! Moved house, cool, hope you are settling in?

    Caving – I bet it was a bit nippy getting changed! And then more crazy running up, down and around hills – phew! Sounds like a good result for you both. You must be pretty feared faces on the running scene with all these successes? Your fellow competitors must be thinking as you arrive, “oh no, no chance of doing well today…”! 😎

  2. Richard still has a mountain of boxes to shift, but we’re getting there! Feel free to pop in anytime you’re flying up the M42. We’re about 5 minutes from Jn 10.

    On the running side, there’s always room for improvement!

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