Reunion in Kiama

We arranged with Steph to meet her halfway between Sydney and Canberra. We planned to climb at Nowrah but because of roadworks, and heavy traffic before we got out of Sydney, we changed our plans en route (how did we ever manage without mobile phones?) and rendezvoused at Kiama, a delightful seaside town with sandy and rocky coves.

Ian and Steph picnicking at Kiama

It was great to see Steph after such a long time and to catch up with all her news. A good thing we did not have to fit in “proper” climbing as we filled the day quite easily with chatting, coffee and cake (surely not??) and , in my case, swimming.

Ian managed to grab a minor route…

Series - Australia 2008

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  2. Blue Mountains
  3. The Australian Alps
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  14. Reunion in Kiama
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