The end of the Australian Adventure

The last couple of days of our Australian Adventure were held in Sydney. We stopped in a hotel right next to the harbour so it was perfect for all the main attractions.

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge
Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

Despite the expense (and it was very expensive!), we decided to do the harbour bridge climb. It was good, but you can’t take your own camera. You get one group photo included in the price, which I am sure they make sure is rubbish, and if you want any more you have to buy them. You have to wear romper suits and they are so afraid of anything that might fall on to the cars below that everything has to be attached to the suit. Our guide was good fun and the three hours went very quickly.

A great view near the top of the bridge
A great view near the top of the bridge

They obviously know the repuation of rufty tufty climbers…

The obligatory Climber's Cafe
The obligatory Climber's Cafe

We also took the 30 minute ferry ride to beautiful Manly to check out the beach and do some more body surfing.

Manly beach
Manly beach

On our last morning we went to the botanical gardens. Very beautiful. Check out the fruit bats!

Fruit bats
Fruit bats

It was all a bit sad to leave Australia, but we’ll be back…

Series - Australia 2008

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  2. Blue Mountains
  3. The Australian Alps
  4. I’m a climber get me out of here!
  5. The Greatest Crag in the World … ?
  6. Farewell to Arapiles … for now …
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  8. Emu Holiday Park
  9. Hello Grampians
  10. Crikey! Australia Zoo
  11. Glass House Mountains
  12. Rainforest meets Reef
  13. Quizzing in Sydney
  14. Reunion in Kiama
  15. The end of the Australian Adventure

2 thoughts on “The end of the Australian Adventure”

  1. Looks like you guys had a great time in Sydney. I love the Bridge Climb, especially when there is a big wind and you can lean 45 degress into it at the top of the bridge. Hope you can continue your Australian Adventure at some stage, I’ve travelled a bit and still think Australia rivals most desinations. Jamie S.A.

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