Three Swallows makes the Summer

After our neighbour’s Blue Tits had fledged, we thought we’d ended our own “Springwatch”, but hidden in an outhouse, I found 3 pleading gapes!!!

Feed me!!!!!
Feed me!!!!!

A couple of swallows had unusually made a nest of mud and grass on top of an old piece of plasterboard,and 3 eggs had hatched. The parents are almost impossible to capture on camera…. they move sooooooooooooooo fast. Its no wonder that Andromeda has never come close to nabbing one.
at home June 09 032

you can't catch me!!!
you can't catch me!!!

Series - Spring Nest-Box Watch

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2 thoughts on “Three Swallows makes the Summer”

  1. It was too hot for Andromeda to run about – hotter than in Italy they say!
    Hurrah summer at last 🙂
    tho’ we are already on the downward slope having passed the longest day 🙁

    (my emoticons have disappeared)

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