Swallow Update…

All the swallows have fallen out of the nest!!!!! But luckily as they were not that far off the ground, and the outhouse is secure, they are still being fed by the parents. lets hope they pull through!!

swallows huddle together waiting for food
swallows huddle together waiting for food

More exciting news from aspatria though is the discovery of another nest, next to our front door in the clematis. Its the nest of a Garden Warbler, made of grass and moss.

Garden Warbler
Garden Warbler
Garden Warbler nest
Garden Warbler nest

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3 thoughts on “Swallow Update…”

  1. Andromeda says: those photos would be even cooler if they showed me sitting beneath with my mouth open! 😈 And I am banned from the swallows’ outhouse – all the gaps have been blocked up so I can’t sneak in. And there are 5 baby swallows not 3, so nobody would miss one…. 👿 👿

    Anna says: Actually it it really cute when the garden warbler babies all have their mouths open wide. They are sleeping in this photo I think. Or camera-shy anyway.
    Poor Andromeda, the swallows dive-bomb her when she is in the yard. It is quite funny but do not tell her I said so 😆

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