We can Fly!!!!!!!!!!!!

The swallows have progressed from the floor. They can either climb really well or they can fly!. There is only 4 on show; lets hope the fifth has either flown away or is elsewhere in the outhouse. Its out of bounds at the moment while they are still in residence.

Shooting gallery!!!
Shooting gallery!!!

Meanwhile, the Garden Warbler is doing well. She tends to cover the chicks in the evening when the sun comes round to keep them cool.

Garden Warbler on the nest
Garden Warbler on the nest
4 chicks here, none of which looks like a cuckoo
4 chicks here, none of which looks like a cuckoo

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6 thoughts on “We can Fly!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Ian has turned into such a twitcher that he has not blogged our weekend ramble with its ace views, or our horticultural updates, only ornithology…

  2. No…. 😯 😯 it can’t be a cuckoo.. they only lay 1 egg in a nest. There’s 4 here, and they’re all the same!!

    [Ed. last picture above added 9/7. ]

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