Monday night is party night

The four members of the West Midlands Cave Exploration Group were so popular that the only night that they had free was a Monday, so to prevent them being devoid of a Christmas party, Monday became party night!

The menu featured roast beef and yorkshire pudding, Christmas pudding and crackers and cheese, followed by a few rounds of port and strange cinnamon flavoured greek spirit.




9 thoughts on “Monday night is party night”

  1. No hats and pictures of you โ“ โ— โ“ ๐Ÿ™
    I think the last picture needs some captions. Bill is certainly looking concerned at the prospect of more strange cinnamon drink, and Richard is looking concerned at what could be cheese and crackers.

    1. Tish, never mind the hats, what about the pudding shot. This was a Christmas meal, a pudding was served and all we have is pictures of alcohol โ“ Anyone looking at this post would think that wine and not pud is somehow symbolic of Jesus.

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