Powder at Brévent

There was still snow in the air but we decided we had to take advantage of all the fresh powder that had fallen yesterday and over night.

We stayed local and took the super fast Brévent lift. The piste seemed almost empty compared to the mad hoards at Christmas and New Year, and the conditions were just brilliant.

Pete concentrating in the powder

The clouds came and went, so sometimes we had glorious sunshine, and sometimes we had a white-out.

Glorious sunshine at the top of the Brévent lift

After getting our ski legs back on the piste, we ventured slightly off piste and tackled a narrow gully which was great fun.

Me tackling the gully
Pete contemplating a steep drop

Now I’m off to sample the night life….. hic!

9 thoughts on “Powder at Brévent”

  1. Not more pristine powder?! I’ll just have to be content with the fluffy white stuff at the bottom of my chalk bag I guess… 🙁

    I have managed to complete the yellow circuit anit-clockwise though :geek:

      1. The only thing in that pack is an empty plastic bag (that had our sandwiches in) and an empty 1/2 litre flask that had tea in! 😈 Colin is right, girls have to have a “bag” with them at all times…

  2. Cool – I still am amazed about the powder last weekend and with all the snow even down here in the rhine valley it must absolutely amazing in the alps! I want more POWDER! Will be going to work by ski tomorrow – to dangerous to walk!

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