Following some concentrated overnight skin growing (thanks Tish!), backed up by a plaster and a few turns of tape, I headed to Bridestones today with Sarah, and met up with Neil and Jon.

Bridestones is a bit higher than yesterday’s venue, so we had great views of the Yorkshire moors, but these were slightly tempered by the chill breeze – duvet jackets and big gloves at the ready! Only the one photo too (sorry, hands in pockets as much as possible!).

Jon on the Tilited Pinnacle

As for the bouldering, quality problems with mostly excellent landings, and classic grit – slopey holds and smears for feet. Not my thing usually, but, what doesn’t kill you etc.

Very pleasant all in all, though I suspect I need to get a lot more mileage on grit before it becomes natural. Now, where’s that crimp gone…

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