Snow Angels and the food of Snow Angels

We had a quiet day today to rest our muscles. Pete worked on the Tremadog guidebook and I learnt some more French.

By early afternoon I was getting cabin fever so I decided we should take a walk up the ‘other’ Cogne valley, the Valnontey valley, to check out the conditions of the routes up there. It is an easy enough valley walk with at least a couple of great looking routes fairly close to Valnontey to go at if the weather stays fine.

En route I practiced the art of Snow Angels.

A Snow Angel in the making

Stopping off in Cogne on the way back we visited a heavenly little pasticceria and picked up one or two (or six) delicacies.

So beautifully wrapped
Six very small (honest) and very beautifully crafted cakes
All gone!

3 thoughts on “Snow Angels and the food of Snow Angels”

  1. The snow looks great, you certainly earned your cakes Tish!! :yum: :yum:
    But Pete only held the camera!! None for him until we have video proof of a 20 foot dive into a snow drift to make a “snow submarine” (new concept) 😀

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